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Sewa Day Schools Video (FLV format, zipped)
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For the first time, we have a limited number of children’s size t-shirts available. Please use the order form, or the graphic design below to print your own.

Sewa Day 2014 T-Shirts OrderForm (Word)
Sewa Day 2014 T-Shirt Graphic Design (Hi-res) (PDF)

Schools Case Studies

Sewa Pioneers Award 2013 Winner – Barham Primary School, Wembley, London
Pupils provided entertainment at the local home to the elderly.

Sewa Pioneers Award 2013 Winner – Ealing Tuition Service, Ealing, London
Pupils worked with the Ealing Council Park Rangers’ Nature Conservation programme helping to clear a public footpath in the local area.

Sewa Pioneers Award 2013 Winner – Radford Primary School, Nottingham
Cooking meals and taking them to a homeless soup kitchen, going to a day centre and talking, entertaining and taking part in activities with the elderly day centre users.

Sewa Pionners Award 2013 Winner – Our Own English High School, Dubai
The school hosted a Tree Plantation Event as part of the One Million Trees Initiative and raised awareness among the students regarding the need to preserve the planet by planting trees.

Sewa Pionners Award 2013 Winner – The Kindergarten Starters, Dubai 
Students took part in a musical performance that addressed the existing social and environmental issues. The play engages with the audience to highlight how service brings peace and harmony.

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