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Volunteering is a great way to give back to society. At Sewa Day, you can contribute by volunteering your time, skills and ideas for any activity or cause that you feel closer to.

To set your foot in the world of volunteering as well as for building a network, we invite you to join Sewa Day as a Volunteer.

VolunteerLog Volunteering Activities

Volunteer Campaigns

Help those in Need

Christmas is the season of joy, gift-giving, and spreading love. Sewa Day along with Communities Working Together has come up with an initiative “Help those in Need” to spread happiness in the lives of the needy who do not have much this Christmas.

Help the Environment

Great work by community volunteers on Sunday collecting litter at Overton Park and the surrounding streets. The volunteering was inspired by a national volunteer charity called Sewa Day . The volunteers are from all faiths, abilities and backgrounds based on the ethos of Oneness and the world being one family. Their work aims to spread joy, relieve hardship and help the environment.

River Clean up

Cardiff Balgokulam liaised with Keep Wales Tidy to help clean the coast and spent the afternoon at Ogmore-by-Sea. With large refuse sacks they collected litter, plastic, cans and bottles. A total of 12 bin bags were collected by the Sewa team. "Sowing the seeds of SEWA in children was a gratifying experience to parents. Children demonstrated the motto - Be the change."

Classroom Painting

Sewa Day's Spread Some Joy campaign has seen over 1000 children submit pictures which have been sent to over 300 care-homes and dozens of hospitals on a weekly basis. They have even been used by Age UK and have appeared on supermarket walls too.

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