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Sewa For School

SEWA aims to develop a whole person in their intellectual, personal, social, emotional and social growth. Learners engaged in this program are expected to be life-long learners and through experiential learning develop as active citizens and caring and compassionate humans.


Donating towards causes that your care about not only benefits the society as a whole but is also deeply rewarding for you.


You can create a positive impact in the society and your life by volunteering for our projects and initiatives that you feel you are passionate about. We will be glad to connect with you. Join us TODAY!!

Donation Campaigns

Spread some Joy

So many of our younger generation are stuck at home, so let’s give them something rewarding to do. Get your pens, paints and paper ready and let’s create some nice letters and pictures which we can then send on to our isolated elderly in care home to show we are thinking of them!


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