Project Details

Project Details

Project name : Food Bank Collection

Project type : To Relieve Hardship and Poverty

Project description : During the auspicious days of Navratri, we will be collecting food items to give to our local homeless charity. This has been initiated by our Youth Group at the Gujarat Hindu Society, who will be taking on the lead to advertise the event as well as providing a start to our food collection.

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How did you hear about sewa day : otherHarkishan Mistry Charity Rep

Have you been involved in sewa day activities before : We are a seasoned Sewa Day Champion!

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Owner Details

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Project lead's name : Purnima Patel / Hema Limbachia

Organisation name : Gujarat Hindu Society

Type of organisation: voluntary group

Time Duration

Start date : 2018-10-10

End date : 2018-10-18

Start time :

End time :

Duration of project hours :


Maximum number of volunteers : 5

Open to anyone : yes

Level of physical activity : low level

Where is the activity : outdoor


Project Town : Preston

Project venue address : Gujarat Hindu Society, South Meadow Lane

Project venue postcode : PR1 8JN

Country : united kingdom

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9921 07961888822 united kingdom Newcastle Balagokulum voluntary group 2018-11-04 2018-11-25 16:00 19:30 3 Weeks previous participant We are a seasoned Sewa Day Champion! 63