UK Prime Minister lauds Sewa Day

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UK Prime Minister lauds Sewa Day as it reaches its fifth year.

After clocking up millions of volunteer hours and encouraging thousands of people all around to volunteer within the community, this year Sewa Day received the stamp of approval from the Prime Minister, David Cameron. He attended the Sewa Day Pioneers Awards on 26th March 2014, which honoured projects and volunteers that fulfilled the key principles of the initiative: to relieve hardship and poverty, to help the environment and to bring a little joy.

Speaking at the awards ceremony, the Prime Minister said: “I wanted to come today because I think Sewa Day is something really, really, special and valuable. As Prime Minister you see amazing things and get to meet amazing people but I think the thing that gives me greater pleasure than anything else I do is seeing these amazing examples of social action in our communities; the charity work, the voluntary work the putting back into society”

Sewa Day goes from strength to strength with over 75,000 participants, in over 25 countries taking part in 2013. These acts of selfless service have ranged from environmental clean ups, to cooking and distributing food to the homeless, to organising musical programmes for the elderly.

Arup Ganguly, chairman of Sewa Day: “In the past five years, Sewa Day has helped volunteers to get involved with social action projects within their community. Year in, year out Sewa Day generates a high social return of investment. In 2012, for every £1 invested, the SROI was £2.60; this equated up to £11.7 million of additional value for Britain.

“Preparations are already underway for Sewa Day 2014 and our wish us to get even more people doing ‘sewa’ to improve their local area or bettering the lives of others. Let’s all take inspiration from the Prime Minister, who quoted Mahatma Gandhi “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”.

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