Perth is first to plan its Sewa Day projects

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The antipodeans are off. The first Sewa Day 2013 project planning meeting took place in Perth, Western Australia on Sunday 23rd June at the Yokine Bowling Club, Yokine, with a group of 30 Indian Community Leaders from throughout Western Australia. Hosted by Mahesh Singh, President of the Indian Society of Western Australia, Mayank Rawal represented Sewa Day and outlined the principles of the volunteering initiative.

Perth Planning Meeting

Mayank supplied key summary documents to every attendee and a copy of Sewa Day handbook was given to the ISWA President. “The meeting and Sewa Day presentation and speech went very well”, said Mayank, “general feedback was that all attendees like the concept and intended to implement. They send their congratulations to the Sewa Day committee for an excellent initiative. Each community Leader will take Sewa Day back to their individual committees for further discussion regarding actual implementation”.

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