Helping the homeless in Kilburn

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Making a real difference in Kilburn
Last year I ended up taking part in Sewa Day by a strange set of circumstances but it was the best thing that could have happened to me. On the weekend of Sewa Day I was meant to be back in my home town of Bradford taking part in a charity run. I’d heard about Sewa Day and wanted to take part but I had already committed myself to the run.

However, a few weeks prior I had pulled my hamstring and found myself unable to run any sort of distance without causing myself some serious pain. I had two options; I could have had a lazy Sunday watching football (like most Sundays) or I could roll my sleeves up and do something good. I decided to take the latter option and got in touch with a representative of Sewa Day.

He offered me a few projects going on in my local area from which I opted to go collecting food for a local homeless shelter. After arriving at Kilburn Park tube at 10am on a cold Sunday morning, I was starting to regret my decision to take part. However I soon got chatting to the other volunteers and was immediately uplifted by their enthusiasm and excitement.

I only had a vague idea of what I’d be doing so listened intently as the project organiser explained the plan for the day. We split into two teams to cover two different supermarkets. We had been given permission to stand outside and ask customers to buy an extra dry food or toiletry item in donation for the homeless shelter. At first it was a little nerve wracking to stop people as they were about to go about their daily shop but once we got into the swing of it, we found people were warm and receptive to our requests.

After a few hours of standing in the cold, we had amassed a might horde of food and toiletries which we then delivered to the shelter. The shelter staff were happy to receive such generous donations and PR for their organisation. They showed us around the shelter and we met some of the residents. We rounded off the day by going for a coffee and finding out a little more about each other.

All in all a great way to spend about 6 hours of my time, making a real difference to the chosen shelter…………and I even got back in time to watch the final game of the day!

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