Half a tonne of food donated to Night Shelter

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Thanks to the tremendous efforts of over 100 Sewa Day 2014 volunteers, over 500kg of food was donated to Night Shelter in York Road llford. Over a hot lunch, at the shelter, the residents were also treated to entertainment offered by Ramesh Chand and the Art of Living group. Sewa Day 5th October 2014 also saw the launch of Sewa Week’s ‘Samosa Event’. Its objective is to improve relations and understanding between communities, friends and colleagues, give joy and raise money for charity. It is a way to show the wider community the ‘sewa’ contribution of British Hindus.

The uniqueness of the Sewa Week’s initiative is that there is no set costs for the samosas or drink…people can put in as little or as much as they like, with each cooked samosa costing 30 pence for the organiser to purchase. Over £100 was raised on Sunday for the VHP Ilford Land project with future funds going to other charities and good causes. Samosa Events this week will be on Monday at Clayhall Nursery, Tuesday at NHS Communty Health Team, Wednesday at Natwest Barking branch and Thursday at Lincolns Inn Homeless Place. There will generally be at least one Samosa Event per month- usually on the first Wednesday of each month. Those interested in hosting a Samosa Event can contact Sewa Week, Hass House, 386 Green Lane, Ilford, Essex G3 9JU (T: 07956556613) or email info@sewaweek.org.uk

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