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Launch Of Help A Neighbour Campaign

15 Mar 2020 12:52 PM | Anonymous

Help A Neighbour Campaign

Coronavirus is set to cause mass disruption and already resulted in panic buying with people stockpiling in the worry that they may not be able to leave their home for weeks.

This level of panic is unsustainable and it makes matters worse for the most vulnerable in our society.

Sewa Day, the International day of Volunteering is launching the:


The concept is simple, we want to encourage everyone to work together and help each other at our time of need. We want to stop this panic buying and actually help those who will be in need.

We want people to help those closest to them who may be in isolation due to the Corona Virus, by either doing their shopping for them, or even cooking for them and delivering food.

This simple act of helping each other, will make a huge difference to the panic buying we are seeing and will give much needed help to those who are suffering.

  • Step 1: Tell people you are willing to help

    It starts with a simple announcement, which can be reposting our graphics on social media, in person communication to your neighbours or friends or even phone call to those closest to you. If people know you are willing to help, they are more likely to ask, but they need to know first. So we must announce it.

  • Step 2: Encourage others

    Encourage your friends, family and neighbours to do the same thing. They can repost the same graphics and messages. The more people willing to help, the greater the impact will be.

  • Step 3: Stay up to date.

    It is important to keep safe, but there are plenty of ways to deliver supplies without endangering yourselves (government advice is to drop supplies at the front door, which they shouldn’t open until you are away). Further information and guidance on this are on government sites but will also be shared on Sewa Day social media pages, so be sure to check the links below regularly.




Remember, your stories will inspire others to do the same so be sure to tag #sewaday in your posts so we can encourage more and more people to ‘help a neighbour’.

In times of concern, we can always make a difference. The ‘Help a Neighbour’ campaign is one small way, that we can all make a difference.

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