Project Details

Project Details

Project name : Sewa Pioneers Club

Project type : Relieve Hardship

Project description : We are a group of students from Bridlington School that have decided to promote the values of Sewa by creating The Sewa Pioneers Club. A club that devotes it's time once a week to planning and performing Sewa.

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How did you hear about sewa day : previous participant

Have you been involved in sewa day activities before : We are new to Sewa Day

Anything else you want to tell us : Bridlington is a very mono cultural area which has never heard of Sewa, However we will be devoting time weekly to serving the local community. We have students with very big hearts and generous minds. Our vision is to become the organisation that, whenever somebody needs help, the first people they think of is Bridlington School. Many of our students do can come with a reputation Sewa is the activity that boosts our students self esteem as well as the public's perception of them.

Owner Details

E-mail :

Project lead's name : Ashish Kundi

Organisation name : Bridlington School

Type of organisation: school

Time Duration

Start date : 2018-10-14

End date : 2019-07-31

Start time : 14:45

End time : 16:00

Duration of project hours : hundreds of hours


Maximum number of volunteers : upto 120

Open to anyone : yes

Level of physical activity : high level

Where is the activity : indoor & outdoor


Project Town : Bridlington

Project venue address : Bridlington School Bessingby Road Bridlington East Riding of Yorkshire YO16 4QU

Project venue postcode : YO16 4QU

Country : united kingdom

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9921 07961888822 united kingdom Newcastle Balagokulum voluntary group 2018-11-04 2018-11-25 16:00 19:30 3 Weeks previous participant We are a seasoned Sewa Day Champion! 63