Project Details

Project Details

Project name : Cleaning outside Bradford Lakshmi Narayan Hindu Temple

Project type : Bring Joy

Project description : Litter Picking, Weeding, removing fly tipping, general house keeping

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How did you hear about sewa day : previous participant

Have you been involved in sewa day activities before : We are a seasoned Sewa Day Champion!

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Owner Details

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Project lead's name : Ravinder Dharni

Organisation name : Hindu Cultural Society - Bradford

Type of organisation: voluntary group

Time Duration

Start date : 2018-10-14

End date : 2018-10-14

Start time : 10:00

End time : 04:00

Duration of project hours : 6 hours


Maximum number of volunteers : 25

Open to anyone : yes

Level of physical activity : high level

Where is the activity : outdoor


Project Town : Bradford

Project venue address : Bradford Lakshmi Narayan Hindu Temple

Project venue postcode : BD3 9LS

Country : united kingdom

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9921 07961888822 united kingdom Newcastle Balagokulum voluntary group 2018-11-04 2018-11-25 16:00 19:30 3 Weeks previous participant We are a seasoned Sewa Day Champion! 63