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15th Feb – 2017 – T&A Article Blood Donation
20th Oct 2016 – Asian Express Article
15th Oct 2015 – Asian Express Article


17th Oct 2014 – India Abroad – 2000 people offer voluntary services on Sewa Day (p56 & 58)
10th Oct 2014 – Get West London: Feltham Asda colleagues feed 400 homeless people
9th Oct 2014 – PR Web Phenomenal generosity of spirit on Sewa Day 2014
7th Oct 2014 – Phenomenal generosity of spirit on Sewa Day 2014
6th Oct 2014 – Sewa Day in London by Tokyo Gaijin
6th Oct 2014 – Canal & Rivers Trust: Kids Clean Milton Keynes’ canal for Sewa Day
26th Sep 2014 – Leicester Mercury: Religions unite for a day of selfless caring
18th Sep 2014 – Asian Image: Singer Navin Kundra backing Sewa Day
13th Sep 2014 – PR Web Volunteering can make you happier
11th Sep 2014 – The Chakra: Dharmic Charity Group Sewa USA Announces Sewa Day 2014
11th Sep 2014 – Luton Herald & Post: Sewa celebrates its fifth birthday See page 6.
14th Jul 2014 – Asian Lite: WE Supports Sewa Day
14th Jul 2014 – Austerity has made Britons kinder to each other
12th Jul 2014 – Asian Voice: Vivek Oberoi talks Philanthropy Me & WE
12th Jul 2014 – Bollywood Hungama: Vivek Oberoi announced as the brand ambassador
12th Jul 2014 – Oye! Times: Vivek Oberoi announced as the brand ambassador for Sewa Day
7th Jul 2014 –   DigitalSpy: Vivek Oberoi promotes Sewa Day
6th Jul 2014 –   The Asians: Women Empowered In Conversation With Vivek Oberoi
5th Jul 2014 –  Asian Image: Vivek Oberoi ‘I think Sewa Day should be a celebration..
5th Jul 2014 –  WN: Women Empowered In Support Of Sewa Day’
4th Jul 2014 –   Eastern Eye: Vivek Oberoi stands up for women
4th Jul 2014 –   Female First:Women Empowered In Support Of Sewa Day
1st Jul 2014 – Vivek Oberoi helps raise £7K for Sewa Day
3rd Jun 2014 –  URI Great Lakes & Young Leaders Program honoured for Day of Service
9th Apr 2014 –  DesiBlitz: Sewa Day Awards honour Social Action Pioneers
4th Apr 2014 –   Eastern Eye: Cameron’s Tribute to Sewa Volunteers
31st Mar 2014 – Brent & Kilburn Times Sewa Pioneers Awards 2014
28th Mar 2014 – Sewa Day Awards recognise new generation of social action
26th Mar 2014 – Prime Minister applauds new generation of volunteers
16th Mar 2014 – Luton Today: A quartet of top cricketers endorse Sewa Day


26th Oct 2013 – Pardes Weekly: Women Empowered – The Power of One!
25th Oct 2013 – The Jet Newspaper: Women Empowered – The Power of One!
22nd Oct 2013 – Avrupa Times: Women Empowered – The Power of One!
22nd Oct 2013 – Women Empowered raises over £1000 for Sewa Day
22nd Oct 2013 – Walsall Council: Different communities join together for clean up
14th Oct 2013 – Urban Asian: Avina Shah does sewa!
12th Oct 2013 – Leicester Mercury: Faith communities join together for Sewa Day
11th Oct 2013 – Thousands take part on Sewa Day
8th Oct 2013 – ITV News (Tyne Tees): Sewa Day – a day of giving
8th Oct 2013 – Dandavats: Sewa Day at the Manor (Photos)
7th Oct 2013 – 7 Days in Abu Dhabi: Charity begins in the classroom as kids do their bit…
7th Oct 2013 – Nepali Samaj UK: Nepalese launch clean up campaign in Yorkshire
7th Oct 2013 – BGreen: GEMS Students lend a helping hand
7th Oct 2013 – South China Morning Post: A Taste for Charity
6th Oct 2013 – India Herald: Sewa International’s Sewa Day at Houston Food Bank
6th Oct 2013 – Orchard 49: The Community Orchard at Seymour Grove Allotments
6th Oct 2013 – Bhaktivendanta Manor: Global Sewa Day News
6th Oct 2013 – Mid East Info: More than 58,000 GEMS students to help on Sewa Day
27th Jul 2013 – Asian Voice: Profile of Arup Ganguly, Sewa Day Chairman
13th Jul 2013 – Asian Voice: ‘Bringing a little joy to others.’
2nd Jul 2013 – SIA: Measuring the social impact of volunteering – A Sewa Day case study
28th Jun 2013 – £11.7million of economic benefit during Sewa Day last year
28th Jun 2013 – Charity Times: Volunteers generation millions in annual global initiative
28th Jun 2013 – Charity Times: Volunteers generation millions in annual global initiative, page 1
28th June 2013 – Charity Times: Volunteers generation millions in annual global initiative, Page 2
27th June 2013 – Huffington Post: The Social Impact of Volunteering and Sewa
10th Jun 2013 – Education Today – LP+ partners with global volunteering initiative
5th Apr 2013 – Eastern Eye: ‘Being of service pays dividends for projects’
3rd Apr 2013 – GG2: Awards for Selfless Service
25th Mar 2013 – Keech group is honoured as Sewa Pioneers Award Winner 2013
22nd Mar 2013 – St Philip’s Centre: Sewa Pioneers Awards Winners 2013
20th Mar 2013 – Navin Kundra presenting at the Sewa Pioneers Awards 2013

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