Sewa Day Presentation 2017
Introduction to Sewa Day
Sewa Day Handbook 2017
Project Ideas 2017
How to ensure success of your Sewa Day project

Brand Guidelines

Want to create your own leaflets, banners and promotional materials with the Sewa Day brand? The Brand Guidelines(August 2015) booklet will provide all the details you need to use the Sewa Day logo and identity in your materials. You should also download the logo and font set for the Sewa Day brand

Sewa Day Logo

Download high resolution images of the Sewa Day Logo below:
Sewa Day Square logo (zip file)
Sewa Day Wide logo (zip file)

Sewa Day Font (Bauhaus BT)

Download the font set for the Sewa Day logo (zip file)

More Guides

How to Brand Your Activity
How to create a Facebook Group
How to Dress on the Day
How to undertake a Health & Safety Assessment
How to Gain Media Coverage
How to Write a Press Release (Template)
How to Gain Support from a Celebrity or Local MP
How to Write A Blog
How to Recruit Volunteers
Sewa Day Feedback Form
Social Media Guidelines

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