Top 5 tips for a successful Sewa Day project

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It is only 14 days to go until Sewa Day– Sunday 6th October 2013, the global volunteering initiative that will see thousands of people in more than twenty countries giving up their time to help alleviate poverty, conserve the environment or bring a little joy into the lives of others. Sewa Day National Coordinator Ravi Shah (pictured top on the left) assures us that it is not too late to sign-up to participate in a project, or better still run a hugely successful project or your own. Armed with these tips and a little bit of help from your friends, you too can run a great Sewa Day project.

Tip 1:
Obviously you need to register on the Sewa Day website. This will give you access to lots of handy guides like ‘How to Ensure Success for Your Sewa Day project’, How to Recruit Volunteers, ‘How to Conduct a Health & Safety Assessment’ and ‘How to Dress on The Day’ (in one of the Sewa Day T-Shirts it seems)! All the guides are available from the ‘downloads’ section of the website (after login).

Tip 2:
Phone your friends and ask them to help out. Ravi suggests no more than 10 -15 people as it can be difficult to manage larger groups. Build up your team list with addresses, emails and phone numbers for everyone. Investigate the skills set of your team and think about logistics (how are you all getting to the project, who is bringing what, who will do what and who is going to be in charge!).

Tip 3:
Ask your team what they’d like to do and devise a simple plan. Ravi suggests that ‘Keeping it Simple’ works best: toys collections, clothes collection and food collections are all welcome. Work out how you are going to collect your items, sort them and whom you are going to deliver them to. Food banks often welcome deliveries of good quality foodstuffs so research the internet and contact your local one if this is your preferred Sewa Day project. [NB. A word of caution: don’t assume you can pitch up outside your local supermarket and just start collecting. This activity requires permission from the company concerned and any street activity may also require local council permission. However emptying your own cupboards and those of your friends may yield amazing results!].

Tip 4:
If you are planning to get involved in a larger scale Sewa Day project like those run by Canal & Rivers Trust or at a soup kitchen, make sure that the project coordinator is aware about how many of you are attending and follow any additional instructions on preventative clothing and equipment that may be required. Check the Project Finder service for a project near you. [NB. Certain activities may require all team members to have been checked by the Disclosure and Barring Service (CRB Check) prior to them volunteering so please follow the project requirements.]

Tip 5:
Get in shape! Yes, Sewa Day activity can prove to be quite physical so if you’d like to really look really good in one of our T-Shirts then we suggest there is still time to walk up a few stairs, do some sit-ups and practice your tree-planting pose! And if you’d like to know how to get hold off one of our FREE Sewa Day t-shirts, the answer is that you will be able to get them from your project coordinators.

If you are stuck for ideas of what to do, Ravi is happy to help with answering any questions you might have about projects. Contact him on or T: 07525 399 433.

Good Luck! Be the Change.

PS. Don’t forget to let us know about your Sewa Day project went. Please complete the feedback form as soon as possible after the event. Thank You.

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