Sewa Day to be part of ‘A Year of Service’

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Sewa Day are proud to have been asked to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee as part of the UK Government sponsored ‘A Year of Service’ (AYOS) in 2012. To be able to pay tribute to someone who quite clearly embodies the ethos of selflessness (the Queen is patron to over 600 charities) is a privilege – and we get to simultaneously help our fellow man too. Sewa Day 2012 takes place on October 7th 2012 and our central theme will be helping the homeless.

“I cannot lead you into battle. I do not give you laws or administer justice but I can do something else – I can give my heart and my devotion to these old islands and to all the peoples of our brotherhood of nations.” Queen Elizabeth II, Christmas Broadcast 1957

In 1952, at the tender age of 26, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor became Queen of our nation, the Commonwealth and what remained of the British Empire. Since then, as the head of state, by and large she hasn’t put a foot wrong. The consummate professional. Her dedication to her duties and tireless commitment to her people have never been in doubt. Her Majesty has always treated her position as a privilege, not a right. She is “sewa” incarnate.

Since ascending the throne sixty years ago, Her Majesty has seen Britain through the Falklands conflict, two Gulf wars (having served in the armed forces herself during the Second World War), numerous recessions (including the post war economic gloom of the 1950s), the continued disintegration of the British Empire and the economic rise of the old colonies, the swinging sixties, the disco seventies, the post punk eighties, the Brit Pop ninties – she’s never gone out of fashion. She’s dealt with twelve different British Prime Ministers and visited every Commonwealth country – several times over. The first monarch to come under the scrutiny of television, she has carried herself with supreme dignity and aplomb despite the well documented difficulties her own family has faced, including the tragedy of Diana’s death in 1997. She has never allowed her “personal” life to interfere with her job.

To my memory, she has never embarrassed herself or those she represents, at home or abroad. For sixty years and more, she has dutifully and graciously reciprocated the warmth and love showered upon her by the masses who flock to see her on her public appearances all over the world. She has always shunned “filmstar” treatment in favour of connecting directly with her audience. Never fazed by the maelstrom and frenzy around her. The Queen didn’t even flinch when someone fired six (thankfully blank) shots at her during the Trooping of the Colour in 1981! I don’t recall ever hearing that she’d taken a day off from her public duties because she felt a bit “orf”. No sick days, no sniffles. Indeed, I believe that she’s only ever missed the opening of British Parliament twice and only because she was heavily pregnant.

Sewa is an ancient Sanskrit word which means selfless service. Giving back to the community. So we invite one and all to take part in Sewa Day 2012 and the numerous other faith initiatives during A Year of Service. It’s just one year of service versus the Queen’s sixty years of service. Taking part is the least we could do to show our appreciation.

For 60 Years of Sewa, we thank you Ma’am.

Arup K. Ganguly
Chairman – Sewa Day

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