Sewa Day boosts corporate well being

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Arup Ganguly joined in the Sewa Day ‘#IAmTheChange’ selfie campaign by being the morale boosting corporate ‘super hero’ we’ve come to expect. In his full-blown video film production worthy of its own ‘Oscar’ (see below), Arup wanted to draw attention to the significant benefits companies can enjoy in allowing employees to become “super heroes” by volunteering for one day in the year during Sewa Day – which this year is on Sunday 5th October.

“Quite apart from the boost to well being of staff and employee morale, volunteering allows individuals to show exceptional leadership skills which they might not be able to demonstrate in the workplace” explained Arup, “making the video was fun for me. It allowed me to show that I am happy being silly to draw attention to the fact about how much difference donating my time has made on my Sewa Day team, local communities and Britain”. The Sewa Day social impact analysis shows that the volunteering initiative has generated in excess of £16.3 in gross impact on the British economy over the last three years.

Sewa Day 2013 saw over 75,000 volunteers from 25 countries (including Australia, Bosnia, Hong Kong Kenya, Russia, UAE and USA) take part in over 320 projects (UK/ World) generating some 561,000 hours of volunteering activities globally.

Global corporate partners include BP, Canal & River Trust, Deutsche Bank, Ernst & Young, Goldman Sachs, PwC & the National Trust amongst many others.

Sewa Day, the annual international day of ‘selfless service’, has led to more frequent or regular acts of volunteering. It also confirms previous research that has proven the positive effect of the volunteering. These include: helping to make new friends, increasing social and relationship skills as well as teaching you valuable job skills and increasing self-confidence and combating depression.

Arup Ganguly concluded: “There are many reasons to taking part in Sewa Day but volunteers also get satisfaction from seeing the results of their efforts as well as gain considerable enjoyment and personal achievement. I am always hearing of how volunteers have developed soft skills linked to well-being, such as confidence and self-esteem, raised aspirations, enhanced social skills and networks.”

The theme for Sewa Day 2014 is #IAmTheChange and it aims to encourage participants to take personal responsibility for volunteering on Sunday 5 October 2014. Visit the Project Finder service to find a volunteering project near you, or to add your own.

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