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The Sewa Day Asia Pacific Team has taken the Chinese axiom “Give a man a fish and you have fed him once. Teach him how to fish and you have fed him for a lifetime” to a new level this year with a phenomenal range of new projects for the region. Having started in 2012 when 70 Food for Life volunteers, primarily from Deutsche Bank, washed, chopped, cooked, packaged, and delivered vegetarian food to over 1,000 underprivileged people spread across three locations in Hong Kong, their project also raised some much needed public awareness about the issue of food shortage within the elderly community.

The Food For Life (FFL) program resonated with others in the corporate community, and in 2013, Deutsche Bank was joined by new partners including the Royal Bank of Scotland and Ernst & Young who ran their own food preparation drives throughout the year. “This growth has been organic and very natural. It has also prompted people to be creative in how they serve others” said Prashant Joshi, Sewa Day International Coordinator Hong Kong, who is focused on launching new FFL projects in India and Singapore. Food For Life, was one of the 12 projects ran in Hong Kong as corporates joined hands with community leaders to help serve thousands on Sewa Day last year.

While the Food for Life campaign in Hong Kong continues to spark interest with a new goal to feed 1500 people, 2014 will see more projects proposed by the participants themselves in a number of Asia Pacific countries, including: donating and delivering household electrical appliances to the elderly; yoga for the underprivileged; a football game for the specially-abled; a beach cleanup; a blood donation drive and bowling for patients with epilepsy, among other projects.

The tenets of Sewa Day which are to alleviate poverty and hardship, preserve the environment or bring a little joy have also been adapted Confucian style with new youth mentoring workshops; a kids mentoring talk, Chinese opera for patients suffering from epilepsy; an internship for the specially-abed, CV writing and job interview skills for the under privileged as well as community building activities like playing team cricket for charity.

“When we spoke to people about the concept of Sewa Day, they were glad that something like this existed for them to engage with. They realised the could do things and be connected to something much bigger as a whole”, said Sukrit Khatri, Sewa Day International Coordinator Asia Pacific, “this has engaged a new cross section of society, the corporate world in carrying forward the message of Sewa, who along with community leaders have taken the mantle to teach the young how to serve. This is why we organise more regular Sewa Day projects throughout the year and undertake briefings and workshops beforehand to ensure our volunteers have all the necessary skills they need to run a successful project”.

Sewa Day in Hong Kong starts on 20th September 2014 with a trampolining day out and a personal savings workshop for refugees – visit their Facebook page for further information.

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