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Sewa Day 2017: 1st October 2017

The date is set, so now is the time for you to register your group / company / organisation and your projects for Sewa Day 2017 – Click here. This year our theme is Every Day is Sewa Day we encourage everyone to prepare projects that have an ongoing impact in the community.

These projects should meet one of our guiding principles

  • Help relieve hardship
  • Bring a little joy… to others
  • Help the environment

We discourage all projects that involve fund-raising; as the purpose is to give your time.
It really doesn’t matter if you’re a pensioner or a young child, whether you’re physically able or not, or whether you black, brown or blue.

All that matters is that you commit to doing a good deed on Sewa Day, and beyond.
Your login from last year is still valid, however if you need any support please contact us.

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