Deutsche Bank ‘Food For Life’ project

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Sewa Day in Hong Kong started on 20th September 2014 with a distinct spring in its step as young volunteers, working with Christian Action, organised a day of fun and games on a trampoline at the new Ryze Park where refugees were taught a range of team-building skills. “The day as a huge success with great energy, dedication and spirit from everyone” said Prashant Joshi of the Sewa Day Asia Pacific team. The day also encouraged one young volunteer to capture it all on film for us, click below to view the video:

This was followed by the Cheung Chau Beach CleanUp on 28th September 2014; as well as a Creative Day for underprivileged children and their families, and engage in a fun session of painting, henna art, playing a guitar, playing games etc and the hugely successfulDeutsche Bank Food For Life project where over 60 volunteers cooked and delivered food to 1,500 underprivileged and elderly in Hong Kong.

The Deutsche Bank Food For Life project which is guided by Sewa Day Pioneers Award winner, APAC Chair and Sewa Day Ambassador, Dixit Joshi, saw the volunteers washing, chopping, cleaning and packing and delivering 1500 meals all in one day!

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