A Sewa Day wish….

By superadmin

I wish I could tell you that we’ll never again see a terrorist attack like the one we witnessed in Nairobi last week;
I wish I could somehow console the victims’ families or tell the survivors that the nightmare images that haunt them will soon fade away;
I wish chemical weapons didn’t exist for dictatorial thugs to use with impunity against innocent people;
I wish there weren’t millions of unfortunate people around the world displaced by the wars raging in their home countries – Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine to name but a few;
I wish regimes around the world were keener on diplomacy and less trigger happy;
I wish floods and cyclones didn’t ravage parts of India and Bangladesh year after year;
I wish I could alleviate the misery of Pakistanis hit by (yet another) earthquake this week;
I wish forest fires wouldn’t decimate parts of the US and Australia every summer;
I wish that some of the most beautiful creatures on this planet weren’t facing extinction;
I wish we could find homes and jobs for the thousands upon thousands of people who live on the streets of London and other cities all over the world;
I wish we could feed all the hungry children, everywhere;
I wish more people would care.

Am I getting you down? I don’t mean to get you down. Unfortunately, the world is what it is and the truth can quite often hurt. The truth is that there is plenty of suffering out there. Suffering bought on by the actions of man himself in many cases. The truth is that we are in the middle of a global financial crisis, so funding for community projects is at its tightest. As Woody Allen once put it quaintly, “life is full of misery, loneliness, and suffering – and it’s all over much too soon.” It doesn’t have to be that way.

Through of all of this tragedy and darkness, the light of human spirit still shines on. Time and again, whether it’s the floods in India, the attacks in Nairobi or helping homeless people, volunteers throng to help their fellow man. Volunteering groups such as the Red Cross, Oxfam, Amnesty, Crisis, Medecins sans Frontieres are among many charities who are quick to respond to calamities and conflicts all over the world. They seem to be on the ground even before the media get there.

So, the other side of the truth is that world is full of people like you. The world needs people like you. People who are willing to give up their time to make a brighter future for all our children. People who share a philosophy based on peace, love and community spirit.

Sewa day is a salute to the bravery, dedication and selflessness of the emergency services and volunteers the world over. So why not join me and my friends on October 6 to honour these folks properly (we’re expecting 100,000 participants this year in over 20 countries including Russia!). There’s lots happening this year – from feeding the homeless to cleaning conservation areas and visiting hospices. Look on our project finder (www.sewaday.org/projects/project-finder) to find an event near you or set up your own project and let us know about it.

Good luck. Enjoy the day and (of course) Be the Change.

Arup Ganguly
Chairman – Sewa Day

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